Objective:  Create a drawing using pencils 6b, 4b, 2b, hb, 2h, and 6h to enhance the illusion of space by applying different values. Pencils should be used in procession from darkest in the foreground to lightest in the background.  Mountains are the subject of the drawing above other suggested subjects are trees, waves, and buildings.  The subject can be drawn from memory, imagination or observational references.


Concept:  Objects in the foreground of a picture are often darker and more detailed.  As objects and form move into the background of the picture plane they often become lighter and less detailed.  The water vapor in the air creates atmospheric perspective and tends to make things look more distant.  This drawing can be used as a quick warm up, which introduces the student to the value of art pencils.  This idea should be applied and exaggerated in all drawing that is attempting to achieve the illusion of space.  ­­­