Shrunk’n Monk Mug-Open Edition, Terracotta Glaze Available Now!

Shrunk’n Monk Mug, Terracotta Glaze (Open Edition) 

I’ve teamed up with Brad “Tiki Shark” Parker once again for our fifth collaborative mug! We have switched gears a little from our previous collabos to monkey around a bit on this fun shrunken head!

The Shrunk’n Monk Mug!

Open Edition Delivery will commence in late Spring Each Preorder will receive a confirmation sticker as a token of gratitude for helping us bring this monkey to fruition!

Two Glaze Options Available 

Terracotta / Black Fez

Bone / Red Fez (Click Here for Bone Glaze Option)

Shipping to US $13, Canada-$40, Europe/Australia-$70



$60.00 $37.00

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