(PRE-SALE) Kaan Took Mug

*PRE ORDER*  Open Edition, Ships by Mid November 2019….

Open Edition $15 ship (US)

Kaan Took stands 7.5 inches tall, measures 11 inches in circumference and weighs a whopping 2 lbs. He tops off at 24 oz. but comfortably holds 22 0z. of whatever nectar you fancy! He’s sculpted with incredible detail and is available in two glaze options, the first is a golden brown bone with accented red eyes, and the second option is a glossy wiped Cobalt Blue!

The inspiration behind Kaan Took is based on the Mayan Kaanul Dynasty, which is also referred to as the “Snake Kings”.  The Kaanul Dynasty is believed to have been one of the most powerful and mysterious rules over the Mayan empire to date!  Quantities are limited so don’t miss out!


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Golden-Brown Bone with Red Eyes, Cobalt Blue Glossy

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