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Ouroboros Tiki Mug

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  • Ouroboros Tiki Mug

    “Ouroboros Tiki” is a painting of a tiki mug character, who symbolizes the ancient Egyptian ouroboros symbol in a humorous way.  The ouroboros symbol usually depicts a serpent or dragon eating its own tail. It is a symbol of infinity that is represented by something constantly recreating itself.  It also represents the infinite cycle of nature’s endless creation and destruction, life and death.

    This piece was made during the 9th annual Mai Tai Festival at the Royal Kona Resort on the Big Island of Hawaii.  Painted with many layers of acrylic on birch panel, “Ourobors Tiki” comes in a custom frame.  The frame is embellished with hand-carved tiki corners and is stained a rich blue color.  The painting measures 8″x10″ and the frame brings the total size to 14.5″x12″.


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