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Bat Guardian Tiki Mug

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  • Bat Guardian Tiki Mug

    BAT GUARDIAN – Camazotz! Tiki Mug  

    The Third Meso-American designed Tiki Mug (#3)

     Available in 2 Glaze options!

    $70 For Both plus $15 shipping

    Continuing their artistic study into Meso-American culture & mythology Artist Jacob Arthur Medina & Brad “Tiki-Shark” Parker bring to you their third creation – Bat Guardian Camazotz – Tiki Mug

    BAT GUARDIAN – Camazotz! Camazotz translates into “death bat” in the K’iche language.

    “Camazotz” is formed by the words kame (which means death) and sotz (which means bat.) Final touches being made, but Mug #3 of the Kaan Took and the Jaguar Warrior series is officially in production!  So… make space for one more Mug on your shelf next to your other “Mayan • Hawaiian” Tiki Mugs!  This one is a beauty and a “must have!!”

    CAPACITY / SIZE  – Extra Large 22 fluid oz

    7.5″ tall X 3″ wide.


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