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  • New Tiki Mug “Jaguar Warrior” Open Edition

    New Tiki Mug 

    New Tiki Mug The Jaguar Warrior  (El SAGRADO SANGRE DEL JAGUAR)

    The Second Meso-American designed Tiki Mug (#2)

    COLOR:  Brown with Orange and Black Highlights (Jaguar Style)

    CAPACITY / SIZE  – Extra Large 22 fluid oz 

    7.5″ tall X 3″ wide.

    Continuing their artistic study into Meso-American culture & mythology Artist Jacob Arthur Medina & Brad “Tiki-Shark” Parker bring to you El SAGRADO SANGRE DEL JAGUAR – TIKI MUG.

    The popularity of “KAAN TOOK”…….the story, the drawing, the painting, the art and then the Tiki Mug, has inspired the two local artists to bring you the 2nd in their Tiki / Mayan / Meso – American themed calibration.

    The first – “KAAN TOOK” – a character coming to life from the stories told to Jacob Medina since he was a little Tiki-Fan.

    The second – El SAGRADO SANGRE DEL JAGUAR – a character from the Snake King’s personal guard – The fabled “Jaguar Warrior”.

    ……….the story, creativity, and creations continue….so INDULGE and ENJOY!


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