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Full Standing Figure in Collage

Objective: Construct a full standing person from head to toe using elements of collage from a magazine. While constructing this figure keep an open mind on how you use imagery. For example, many things can represent an eye, ear, nose, mouth or any part of the body. Look for imagery that is similar in size, shape, color and value of the body part you are representing. For example, a tire of a car could represent an eye; a slice of pizza could be the foot. The single images are recognized in the context that they are organized in and are viewed as part of a whole rather than a separate picture.

Student Checklist:
Your person must include each feature listed below:

1. Head
2. Hair
3. Eyes
4. Eye brows
5. Eye Lashes
6. Ears
7. Nose
8. Mouth
9. Neck
10. Chest
11. Stomach
12. Shoulders
13. Upper arms
14. Forearms
15. Hands
16. Fingers
17. Thighs
18. Shins
19. Feet
20. Toes

Any additional features may be added or omitted


Magazines (pre-screened and appropriate for children)
Construction Paper