Farm Animals Headline Collage

Objective: Find a good reference of a farm animal such as a chicken, pig, horse, sheep, etc. Draw the basic outline of the animal onto a thicker sheet of paper. Focus mostly on the silhouette of the animal but try to draw it in correct proportion. The image will then be divided into two or three pieces head, torso, and legs. These pieces will be cut out and used as templates to outline the silhouette onto a sheet of newspaper. These cut outs will be glued to a piece of paper that has a background painted onto it.

1.  Cut out the Shape of your animal

Farm Animal Headlines
2.  Outline the animal shape onto a newspaper
3.  Cut out the shape and use it as a collage element.
4.  The shape can be flipped and used to make multiple animals.
5.  Paint a simple background onto a sheet of paper. For example the bottom half of the paper can be a swatch of green representing grass. While the top half can be painted a light blue representing sky. Other elements can be added to the background such as a barn, fence, chicken coop, etc.
6.  Glue the newspaper animals onto the grassy foreground.
7.  Add details to your animals such as eyes, feathers, legs, color, etc.