The above photos are of student work during High Fire Hawaii’s 2015 Christmas Break class.  Students learned the history, style, and techniques of four famous artists.  The first was Post Impressionist Georges Seurat.  They began by drawing from observational references of fish, after completing the drawing they used q tips and acrylic paint to create a pointillist effect.

The next artist they learned about was Jackson Pollock and his action painting.  They created a variety of different abstract expressionist paintings with marbles, string, eyedroppers, and the classic splattering technique.  (They made a great mess!)  Not to worry  though because a clean art studio is a suspicious one.

Wassily Kandinsky “the father of abstract non objective art” was the next artist they studied.  They created paintings out of repetitive geometric shapes while listening to Mozart.

Finally The King of Pop!  Sorry not Michael but Andy Warhol. I asked the students to tell me who their favorite celebrity was and I found photos of these celebrities online.  I then made very graphic references of them by using the photocopy filter in photoshop.  I printed them out 4″x6″ and let them use carbon paper to trace the image four times on their canvas.  Once they had traced the image they used a sharpie to outline their portrait and then finished the piece by using different  colors to paint each portrait.

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